You just believe, we’ll take care of the rest.

We are an agency and legal advisor for artists and production companies. We make easy all those tasks in the art business that the creative hates. We bring what we know how to do: accompany, advise and defend the artist. We have more than ten years of experience offering the services that the artist needs to be able to make a living from his work.

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Services we offer

We work without exclusivity, you can choose one service or a combination of those you need!

Tax and labor advice

  • Analysis, optimization and processing of taxes: IRPF, VAT, IS, etc.
  • Accounting of invoices issued and received, and in the case of companies also bank reconciliation.
  • Audit of Accounts.
  • Processing of employment contracts, nómimas and social security, general and artists’ regime: 360 days a year and with digital signature.
  • Processing and management of the Special Regime for the Self-Employed: Registrations, cancellations, variations in the contribution base.
  • Assistance and defense against the requirements of Tax Management and Inspection and Labor Inspection.
  • Integral Management of Labor Risks.

Business strategy

  • We look for the best way for your creations to obtain the economic return that your work deserves.
  • We analyze the feasibility of your project and its financing.
  • We help you determine your short, medium and long term objectives.
  • We look for ways to maximize the profitability of your creations.

Artist agent

  • We represent artists by weaving connections and work-business opportunities, negotiating your contracts, royalties, attracting investments, etc.
  • We control and follow up the liquidation of royalties and intellectual property rights.
  • We help you plan your agenda.
  • We manage and control your image rights.
  • In short, we accompany you in your professional career by providing you with our experience and enthusiasm.

Legal advice

  • Interpretation of the regulations that affect the artist, as well as defense of the artist’s copyrights, from their initial registration to defending them in court if necessary. We protect your creations!
  • We incorporate your company or business.
  • Defense against breach of contract.
  • Processing and integral management of trademark and patent registration.
  • We also process subsidies, grants and tenders.
  • Assistance and defense in legal proceedings.
  • Conflict resolution through mediation or negotiation.
  • Advice on cultural tax incentives

Coaching and Mentoring

We know that if you get to your essence you will have presence and strength, so you and your creations will stand out. This is a law that works both on a personal level and in business.

  • Guidance from a senior professional in your sector to guide you and share their experience.
  • Emotional or psychological support.
  • Mindfulness and self-knowledge as a channel to find your essence and project your artistic authenticity.


  • We help you articulate your digital presence, social networks, web, podcast to increase your visibility, positioning and sales.
  • Communicate the content of your work effectively and with confidence.
  • Increase your communication capacity, reach your target audience.
  • We take care of the aesthetics of your social networks and/or your staging.
  • We manage your advertising campaigns and press diffusion.