Thepurpose of this Personal Data Processing document is to disclosethemethod in which personal data is collectedthroughthewebsite, processedandprotected, so thatusers can determinefreelyandvoluntarilyiftheywish to provide personal informationthroughthiswebsite.

Theaccessanduse of thiswebsite, oncegiventheexpress consent bymarkingthecorresponding box bytheuser, implies full acceptance of this Personal Data Processing document andundertakes to fullycomplythetermsandconditions set out in thesame. Therefore, theusermustcarefullyreadthis document on each of theoccasions in which he intends to usethewebsite, as thismayhavemodifications.

This document is validonly for personal data obtainedfromthewebsite, andit is notapplicable to informationcollectedbythird parties on otherwebsites, eveniftheyarelinkedfromthiswebsite.

Who is responsible for theprocessing of your data?

Theresponsible for the data is Ergates Tecnologia, SL, onwardsTHE COMPANY

  • Itscorporatename is: THE COMPANY
  • Itscommercialname is: Ergates Tecnologia
  • Its CIF is: B-66781899
  • Itsregistered office is: c/ Josep Badia Sobrevias 21, 4-1
  • It is registered in theMercantileRegister of Barcelona

THE COMPANYinformsyouthatthese data will be treated in accordancewiththe provisions of theregulations in force on personal data protection, Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of April 27, 2016 (RGPD). Bywhichthefollowingtreatmentinformation is provided:

For whatpurpose do wetreatyour personal data?

Wetreattheinformationprovided to sendcommercialcommunications in base to thedemonstratedinterest on ourproductsandservices.

How long willwekeepyour data?

The data will be kept for 10 years.

What is thelegitimacy for thetreatment of your data?

The personal data thatwetreat in THE COMPANYcomefromtheinterestedparty, who has acceptedthetacit consent as the data can be used for theaforementionedpurposes.

To whomwillyour data be transferred?

The data willnot be transferred to third parties, except in cases of legal obligation.

Transfers of data to third countries?

Transfers of data to third countries arenotforeseen.

Whatareyourrightswhenyouprovide us withyour data?

Youhavetheright to obtainconfirmation on whetherTHE COMPANY is processing personal data thatconcernsyou, or not.

Interested parties havetheright to accesstheir personal data, as well as to requesttherectification of inaccurate data or, requestitsdeletionwhen, amongotherreasons, the data is no longernecessary for thepurposesthatwerecollected.

In certaincircumstances, theinterested parties mayrequestthelimitation of theprocessing of their data, in thiscasewewillonlykeepthem for theexercise or defence of claims.

In certaincircumstancesand for reasonsrelated to their particular situation, theinterested parties mayobject to theprocessing of their data. In thiscase, THE COMPANYwill stop processingthe data, except for compellinglegitimatereasons, or theexercise or defence of possible claims.

You can materiallyexerciseyourrights as follows: youhavetheright to access, rectifyanddeletethe data, as well as otherrights, whichyou can exercisebycontactingtheaddress of thepersonresponsible for processing.

Ifyouhavegivenyour consent for a specificpurpose, youhavetheright to withdrawthe consent grantedat any time, withoutaffectingthelegality of thetreatmentbased on the consent prior to itswithdrawal.

In caseyoufeelyourrightsareviolated in relationwiththeprotection of your personal data, especiallywhenyouhavenotobtained a solution in theexercise of yourrights, youcan submit a claim to the Control Authority in matters of data protection competent throughyourwebsite:

What data arestored in oursystems?

The categories of data thataretreatedare:

  • Identification data
  • Postal andelectronicaddresses.
  • Commercial information.

Special categories of personal data arenottreated (theyarethose data thatrevealtheethnic or racial origin, thepolitical opinions, thereligious or philosophicalconvictions, or theunionaffiliation, genetic data, biometric data directed to identify in anunivocalwayan individual, data related to health or data related to sexual life or sexual orientation of a natural person).