A cookie is a filethat is downloaded to yourcomputerwhenyouaccesscertain web pages. Cookiesallow a web page, amongotherthings, to storeandretrieveinformation on a user’s or team’sbrowsinghabitsand, depending on theinformationtheycontainandthewaytheirequipment is used, they can be used to recognizetheuser.


Thiswebsite uses cookies for a number of purposes, thedetails of thecookiesused on thiswebsite is as follows:

Cookie Name Type Purpose Moreinformation
_ga GoogleAnalytics fromthird parties Thiscookiename is associatedwithGoogle Universal Analytics, which is a significant update of the most commonlyusedGoogleanalyticsservice. Thiscookie is used to distinguishuniqueusersbyassigning a randomlygeneratednumber as thecustomer’sidentifier. It is included in eachpagerequest of a siteand is used to calculatevisitor data, sessions andcampaigns for analysis reports. Bydefault, itwillexpireafter 2 years, evenifit is customizablebythewebsiteowners. https://marketingplatform.google.com/about/analytics/
_gid GoogleAnalytics fromthird parties Thiscookiename is associatedwithGoogle Universal Analytics. This is a newcookiethatstoresandupdates a uniquevalue for eachvisitedpage. https://marketingplatform.google.com/about/analytics/
_gat GoogleAnalytics fromthird parties CookieassociatedwithGoogle Universal Analytics, is used to acceleratethepercentage of requests, limitingthecollection of data in hightraffic places. Beat after 10 minutes. https://marketingplatform.google.com/about/analytics/
240planD 240planD own This is a technicalcookiewhoseuse is specific to our OVH Roubaix host andallows, amongotherthings, to guaranteethedistribution of theload on servers.
PHPSESSID PHPSESSID own Cookiegeneratedbyapplicationsbased on the PHP language. This is a general-purposeidentifierused to maintainusersession variables. Normallyit is a randomlygeneratednumber, theway in whichit is used can be sitespecific, a clear example is to keepthe data of a registereduserstatebetweenpages. http://php.net/manual/en/function.session-id.php
aviaCookieConsent aviaCookieConsent own Cookiethatstorestheacceptance or not of theuser to continuebrowsingthe web page.
wordpress_test_cookie wordpress_test_cookie own Thiscookie is used for theWordPress content manager to checkifthebrowser has cookiesenabled
wordpress_logged_in_ wordpress_logged_in_ own Aftertheloggin, WordPressactivatesthecookiewordpress_logged_in_, whosefunction is to indicatewhenit has beenconnectedandwhoit is, beingusedbytheWordPressinterface.
wp-settings-time-X, wp-settings-X wp-settings-time-X, wp-settings-X own ThesecookiesareusedbyWordPress to customizetheUser Interface.

Note: ‘Own’ typecookiesareusedonlybytheowner of thiswebsiteand ‘Third-party’ cookiesareusedbytheserviceproviderthat is detailed in theprevioustable.

How can I disable or deletethesecookies?

You can allow, block or eliminatethecookiesinstalled on yourcomputerbyconfiguringthebrowseroptions on yourcomputer:


Ifyouwish to rejecttheanalyticalcookies of GoogleAnalytics in all thebrowsers, so thatyourinformation is not sent in GoogleAnalytics, you can downloadanadd-on thatperformsthisfunctionfromthislink: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/ gaoptout.