0. Identification

Ergates Tecnologia SL, onwards THE COMPANY, in compliancewith Law 34/2002, of July 11, on Services of theInformationSocietyand Electronic Commerce, informsyouthat:

  • Itscorporatename is:THE COMPANY
  • Itscommercialname is: Ergates Tecnologia
  • Its CIF is: B-66781899
  • Itsregistered office is: c/ Josep Badia Sobrevias 21, 4-1
  • It is registered in theMercantileRegister of Barcelona

1. Object

This legal noticeregulatestheuseanduse of thecurrentwebsite, ownedbyTHE COMPANY.

Navigationthroughthewebsite of THE COMPANYattributesthecondition of USER andimplies full andunreservedacceptance of eachandeveryone of theconditionspublished in this legal notice, warningthattheseconditionsmay be modifiedwithout prior notificationbyTHE COMPANY, in whichcasetheywill be publishedandnotified as soon as possible.

Thereforeit is advisable to carefullyreadthe content ifyouwish to accessandmakeuse of theinformationandservicesofferedfromthiswebsite.

Theuseralsoobliges to makecorrectuse of thewebsite in accordancewiththelaws, goodfaith, publicorder, traffic uses andthis Legal Notice, andwillrespond to THE COMPANY or third parties, of any damagesthatmay be caused as a result of breach of thisobligation.

Any useotherthanthatauthorized is expresslyprohibited, andTHE COMPANYmayrefuse or withdrawaccessanduseat any time.

2. Communications

To communicatewith us, we put atyourdisposaldifferentmeans of contactthatwedetailbelow:

  • phone
  • email

All notificationsandcommunicationsbetweenusersandTHE COMPANYwill be consideredeffective, for all purposes, whentheyarecarriedoutusing any of themeansmentionedabove.

3. Conditions of accessanduse

Thewebsiteanditsservicesarefreeand open access. However, THE COMPANYmayconditiontheuse of some of theservicesoffered on itswebsite to the prior completion of thecorrespondingform.

Theuserguaranteestheauthenticityandtimeliness of all data provided to THE COMPANYandwill be solelyresponsible for any false or inaccuratestatementsmade.

Theuserexpresslyundertakes to makeanadequateuse of the contents andservices of THE COMPANYandnot to usethem for, amongothers:

  1. Disseminate criminal, violent, pornographic, racist, xenophobic, offensive, apology of terrorism content or, in general, contrary to law or publicorder.
  2. Introduceintothe network computerviruses or performactionsthatmay alter, spoil, interrupt or generate errors or damage to electronic documents, data or physicalandlogicalsystems of THE COMPANY or third parties; as well as hindertheaccess of otherusers to thewebsiteanditsservicesthroughthemassiveconsumption of computerresourcesthroughwhichTHE COMPANYprovidesitsservices.
  3. Try to accesstheemailaccounts of otherusers or restrictedareas of thecomputersystems of THE COMPANY or third parties and, whereappropriate, extractinformation.
  4. Infringetherights of intellectual or industrial property, as well as violatetheconfidentiality of theinformation of THE COMPANY or of third parties.
  5. Impersonatetheidentity of any otheruser.
  6. Reproduce, copy, distribute, makeavailable, or any otherform of publiccommunication, transform or modifythe contents, unlessyouhavetheauthorization of theowner of thecorrespondingrights or it is legallypermitted.
  7. Collect data for advertisingpurposesandsendadvertising of any kindandcommunications for sale or othercommercialpurposeswithoutyour prior request or consent.

All the contents of thewebsite, such as texts, photographs, graphics, images, icons, technology, software, as well as itsgraphicdesignandsource codes, constitute a workandthepropertybelongs to THE COMPANY, withoutbeingunderstood to be transferred to theusernone of theexploitationrights over thembeyondwhat is strictlynecessary for thecorrectuse of thewebsite.

In short, userswhoaccessthiswebsite can viewthe contents and, ifneeded, makeprivate copies butnottransferthem to third parties, norinstalled to servers connected to networks, norsubject to no type of exploitation.

Likewise, all brands, tradenames or distinctivesigns of any kindthatappear on thewebsitearetheproperty of THE COMPANY, withoutitbeingunderstoodthattheuse or access to itattributes to theuser any rights over them.

Thedistribution, modification, assignment or publiccommunication of the contents and any otheractthat has notbeenexpresslyauthorizedbytheowner of theexploitationrightsareprohibited.

The establishment of a hyperlinkdoesnotimply in any casetheexistence of relationsbetweenTHE COMPANYandtheowner of thewebsite on whichit is established, northeacceptanceandapprovalbyTHE COMPANY of its contents or services.

THE COMPANY is notresponsible for theusethateachusergives to the materials madeavailable on thiswebsite or for theactionsperformedbased on them.

3.1 Exclusion of guaranteesandresponsibility in accessanduse

The content of thiswebsite is of a general natureand has a merelyinformativepurpose, withoutfullyguaranteeingaccess to all content, or itscompleteness, correctness, validity or currency, or itssuitability or usefulness for a specificpurpose.

THE COMPANYexcludes, to theextentpermittedbythelaw, any liability for damages of any kindarisingfrom:

  1. Theinability to accessthewebsite or thelack of veracity, accuracy, completeness of the contents, as well as theexistence of vicesanddefects of all kinds of the contents transmitted, disseminated, stored, madeavailable, to thethat has beenaccessedthroughthewebsite or theservicesoffered.
  2. Thepresence of viruses or other elements in the contents thatmaycausealterations in computersystems, electronic documents or user data.
  3. Failure to complywiththelaws, goodfaith, publicorder, traffic uses andthis legal notice as a consequence of theincorrectuse of thewebsite. In particular, and as anexample, THE COMPANY is notresponsible for theactions of third parties thatinfringeintellectualand industrial propertyrights, business secrets, rights to honor, personal andfamilyprivacyandtheimageitself, as well as theregulations on unfaircompetitionandillicitadvertising.

Likewise, THE COMPANY declines any responsibilityregardingtheinformationthat is outsidethis web and is notmanageddirectlybyourwebmaster. Thefunction of external links thatmayappear on thiswebsite is exclusively to informtheuserabouttheexistence of othersourceslikely to expandthe content offeredbythiswebsite. THE COMPANYdoesnotguaranteenor is itresponsible for thefunctioning or accessibility of thelinkedsites; norsuggests, invites or recommendsthevisit to them, so itwillnot be responsible for theresult. THE COMPANY is notresponsible for the establishment of hyperlinksbythird parties.

3.2 Procedure in thecase of carryingoutactivities of anillegalnature

In theeventthat any user or thirdpartyconsidersthattherearefacts or circumstancesthatrevealtheillegalnature of theuse of any content and / or the performance of any activity on the web pagesincluded or accessible throughthewebsite, youmustsend a notification to THE COMPANYdulyidentifyingandspecifyingtheallegedinfractions.

3.3 Publications

Theadministrativeinformationprovidedthroughthewebsitedoesnotreplacethe legal advertising of laws, regulations, plans, general provisions andactsthathave to be formallypublished in theofficialjournals of thepublicadministrations, whichconstitutetheonly instrument thatattests to itsauthenticityand content. Theinformationavailable on thiswebsiteshould be understood as a guidewith no purpose of legal validity.

4. Applicablelegislation

The present conditionswill be governedbycurrentSpanishlegislation.